ICED Theory

By Vivek Kumar

Growing infrequently used products, such as travel, shopping, or food delivery products, presents a unique set of challenges due to the difficulty in building recurring habits with your customers. ICED theory is a model to address those challenges based on four dimensions of infrequent products.

  • I = Degree of Infrequency
  • C = Degree of Control Over the User Experience
  • E = Degree of Engagement Before, After, and During The Transaction
  • D = Distinctiveness of The Product

The degree of infrequency relates to the customer's ability to recall your product as well as the monetization approach you might take. The degree of UX control reflects your ability to provide customer delight. The degree of engagement is ultimately dependent on how complex the transaction is, the degree of touch for the customer interaction, and the ability to retain customers. The distinctiveness of the product indicates how differentiated the product and experience are.

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