Product Kata

By Melissa Perri

Adapted from the famous Toyota Kata manufacturing process, this framework leverages a similar approach for delivering software products. It is an iterative and adaptive process that requires constant measurement and evaluation in order to identify how to improve.

Product Kata starts with setting an ambitious goal and a target condition which you want achieve. To reach our target condition we must identify the current condition we are facing. Once the current condition is observed we need to identify the obstacle preventing us from reaching the target condition. Then brainstorm the step needed to remove the obstacle. This is best executed in the form of an experiment we can run to reduce or remove the obstacle. The expected result of the step is what we hope to achieve or learn from the experiment we've run. The learning is the actual outcome of the action we have taken during the step phase. This process is repeated until we have reached our target condition. Each pass through this process should bring the team additional learning and insight into how your product and process can be improved.

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