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Spotify MVP

By Henrik Kniberg

Henrik Kniberg, a longtime agile and product coach for Spotify created this popular illustration to provide an example for product teams to follow when considering how to deliver a Minimum Viable Product, or MVP, to customers.

Many projects fail due to “big bang delivery” - building a thing to completion and then delivering at the end. By focusing on the customer need and problem, a good MVP will deliver incremental solutions that actually help to address that need instead of half-baked pieces of a solution that may eventually help them.

Let’s say we want to help a user get from Point A to Point B. We could set out to build a car and begin delivering that car in incremental pieces to the customer, though that will not help them get anywhere until the car is assembled. A better approach would be to actually focus on helping the customer move. In this case, that begins with a “skateboard” solution that we can begin learning from and gradually improving upon. The skateboard is a metaphor to get the smallest thing you can into the hands of customers to start learning from real feedback.

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